Didn’t vs Couldn’t [Quick Post]

I wrote a status last night on Facebook (duh) and in it I said ‘Thank you God for loving me when I couldn’t love myself.’ This morning I started to think after noticing I used the word couldn’t instead of didn’t. Is there a difference? Well, according to the extensive research myself there is. Couldn’t says even if I wanted to I had no way of making it happen, didn’t says the option was there, I just chose not to choose it. I often times find myself completely blown by God’s Love. It almost doesn’t seem real. Okay, sit back, close your eyes.. well don’t close your eyes you have to read this.. but really get in your imaginative position. Listen: (or read) Before you did all the ratchet stuff you did and the ratchet stuff you’ll probably do after reading this post, GOD STILL SENT HIS SON to DIE for us! If that ain’t love, I don’t know what is.

There isn’t a penis big enough, a chic bad enough, a joint that will get you high enough that should separate you from the LOVE OF GOD! I think once we get it into our tiny brains JUST what God has done for us (and only then) will we have a chance in Heaven.

Just some random thinking. Toodles (Who says that though?!)


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