How Do You Rehabilitate a Caged Inmate?

I have been interested in criminals for a very long time. What makes people do what they do. What makes someone snap to the point of killing multiple people? What are the odds that one can come back from their act of violence and become a productive part of society?

This blog was inspired after reading an article about the top 10 Worst Immigration Detention Centers that should be closed. You can find that article HERE.

I have had/do have family and friends in the prison systems and every one of them testify the same thing: animal like treatment, eat like dogs, treated like crap. Now, I’m definitely not saying it should be a vacation by any means, but how do we expect inmates to do their time and be released back into society without the fear of them offending again if we don’t do anything to reverse or break their behavior pre-prison? What you don’t do is treat them like the scum of the earth, furthering their mentality of ‘no-one cares about me, why should I even try?’

One of my favorite shows is LockUp. It shows the reality of prison, the prisoners give their reality of the living conditions, the food and how they’re treated on a day to day basis. But even through the documentary, they have to be careful because when the cameras leave it’s back to life on the inside.

People do inhumane things, yes. But when you give someone 10 years for a horrific crime you don’t keep them caged until their release and wonder why they’re back in the system within a year of their release.

We have to have options for those who made horrible mistakes or for those who don’t know they can have a better life.

It’s impossible to take an abused animal who has been living a wild, uncared for life, fighting for its food, shelter and looking for some type of comfort and expect it to rehabilitate into an adoptable pet after keeping it locked up in a cage for the next 10 years of ‘rehabilitation’. If you’re going  to put an animal to sleep, they don’t take time attempting to rehabilitate it, there’s no point. But if you see hope, no matter how viscous or what acts of violence this animal has been a part of, you will try to make something happen because there’s always that chance.

Losing the right to vote- – That’s a whole different blog, but these were just a few of my thoughts concerning the treatment of convicted criminals.


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