Birthday Blog


I’m a day late and a few hundred dollars richer. Yesterday was my birthday! I turned 27! Wow- the closer that number inches toward 30, the more I realize how much time I don’t have left to get myself together!! 30 is my ‘I’m on my way’ age! I won’t have it all together, but I’m believing God that I will be settled down in an amazing relationship and hanging out somewhere in Mexico or something of the likes!

It was a great day though. I did not get to spend it with my mom or sister, which is a usual, but I am still incredibly blessed and had such an amazing time with those who took time out of their day to share my day with me 🙂

I decided I wanted to go to La Parrilla for a chill mode type of birthday dinner. It was awesome to laugh, enjoy people I consider friends and so thankful to God for another year here on earth!

My cousin Raymond told the people it was my birthday and of course they sung, which was fun but kinda like o-m-g all the attention is on me right now, this is weird! After we left La Parrilla I hung out with my cousin, Precious and we ended up watching ‘The Campaign’ with Will Ferrell. Other than me not thinking he’s funny (I know I know, I’m the only one) the movie sucked!

Anyways, it was fun times and I am looking forward to what God is sending my way 🙂


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