My Work Week on the Master Cleanse

You’ve got to be kidding me! Okay, let me brief you on this interesting week concerning the Master Cleanse.

So, a friend of mine told me she would be starting the Master Cleanse. She explained what it was, the process and how it would effect (or is it affect?)  your body. I was super hype and immediately went in to research. After comparing the ingredients vs the green in my pocket, I decided that I would do an absolute detox; water only a.k.a free.

Monday: I wake up for work and have my mind set on water water water water. My aunt asked me to stay behind and help her with some light cleaning. Cool, no big deal. After we get all the trash onto the porch she calls Pastor James to see if he can bring his truck over to remove it. He comes over and in the midst of everything tells me that he will pay for my lunch twice this week. WHAT A BLESSING! .. What a curse – – I’M NOT EATING. I said wow, thanks. (With no intent to ever tell him what day, because I am DETOXING!) Once I actually get to work, he brings me a receipt from a local restaurant telling me that my lunch is paid for and I just need to show my receipt. o.O What? I said I wasn’t eating sir! Okay, food is paid for, I have to eat. Boy were those chicken strips and mac & cheese something like amazing! I’m definitely starting this detox on Tuesday, FOR SURE!

Tuesday: I wake up for work and again, my mind is set on this awesome absolute detox. Without thinking, I find myself putting two pieces of wheat bread in the toaster. Next thing I know, I’m eating peanut butter on toast and a cup of the best OJ I’ve ever experienced. WHAT THE WHAT?! Dang. Messed that up. Well no, I can still detox, it’s kind of like the last meal.. Okay, from the moment I get to work until 7 days from now, it’s me and water. Yeah! Fast forward to lunch. My cousin Nazya calls me from the back ‘hey Angel, just wanted you to know that Pastor James gave me your receipt for lunch today.’ o.O Oh okay, thanks. Let me know when you’re going and I’ll just tell you what I want and you can pick it up. Okay…. well I need to mentally prepare for starting this body detox on Wednesday. No biggie really. Wednesday, I’m coming for you 🙂

Wednesday: Wake up for work and finally come out of denial. The truth is the water only detox is not going to work. Toya, tell me everything you’re doing for the Master Cleanse. Toya, who at this point is on her 3 day, tells me all the things she does and I, with excitement, am on board! Okay, awesome! As soon as we get off I am going to get everything I need. The end of the work day comes and off to Publix! I get all ingredients and I drop about $25.00 (that I didn’t have) on what I thought would be enough for 10 days. I get home and I begin with the Smooth Move laxative tea that evening. *Can’t you feel the excitement of me FINALLY starting?! Me too! Thursday, you better get ready!

Thursday: So, morning comes quick.. and it’s 7:41am!!! Holy moly! Work starts at 8am, further more, I was told that with the Salt Water Flush, I’d need about 2 hours to myself because I’d become very acquainted with the bathroom.. Crap! (no pun-intended). Hours go by and it’s about 10am, and Toya shows up to work. Soooo how’s it going she asks! I knew that really meant did you start the Master Cleanse today! I said okay.. listen! I took the tea last night, definitely set up waking up and officially starting, but when I overslept I knew I could not take the SWF right before going to work. I did, take the tea last night,  but I’m not tapping the toilet like I assumed (or the tea) said I’d be. She laughed and said so when you starting?! LOL!  I thought.. since I wasn’t able to do the SWF and I mean.. that is a part of the cleanse, so I think it’s best to complete it as directed to do so.. Meat and potoatoes? I had a pancake for lunch and once returning back to the church, (that’s where I work) I blew any and every spirit out of the bathroom! That tea definitely does work. I will definitely start on Friday! Friday, is perfect. We’re off on Fridays and yeah.. just perfect! I drank my Smooth Move tea Thursday night, and couldn’t wait to wake up Friday morning!

Friday: 4:30am I jump out of bed like a soldier in the army of the Lord! The only thing missing was some camo and my boots! I run, and I do mean RUN to the bathroom and it goes DOWN! While all this is happening my mouth begins to water. Now, I’m not sure about you.. but when my mouth starts ‘watering’ vomit it closely behind.. I thought what the ham sandwich? I reach for the trash can, just in case, and LITERALLY before I could open the lid, it’s covered! And of course from the sight and the taste in my mouth, I start gagging and it keeps coming. OMG. What is going on?! I clean for about an hour (too long), brush my teeth and roll in the bed and close my eyes. A few hours later I wake up to an upset stomach and eating crackers most of the day. This has GOT to be the enemy! Why am I not able to start this dang thing!

Needless to say, it is now Friday night and I’m sitting in my bed, watching the Wayans Brothers, with a cup of 7 Up just inches away. So.. when will I start the Master Cleanse? I suppose when an if God tells me to. I guess you can’t win them all.

BTW – I lost -2lbs through all of this.. I guess it wasn’t all bad 🙂

P.S – Click HERE to follow my friend’s blog; someone who is actually doing the Master Cleanse, and blogging her way through it 🙂


Black-Brown Unity?







I’ve never been one of those ‘black power, fist in the air, pic peeping from the fro’ type of black person. I am very interested learning about cultures, my roots and the difference now. Folks know that I am very interested in the Hispanic culture, more importantly how we (black and Hispanic) relate (preferably in unity). But lately it has become more of an interest as I see how blacks and Hispanics outside of my circle get along.

I ran across a blog today:, and besides some of his opinions that I do not agree with, it is very informative. He has been to multiple places in Central and South America for Spanish learning and of course pure interest. His blog is definitely one that I had a hard time x’ing out of his blog.. such great information.

Back to relations outside of my circle, which the Hispanic friends I have are all about unity between us lol.. I guess when I think about people who have struggled and fought to make their way, you would only assume they’d hold each other’s hand. If we are different, being abused, talked about and put on the outside, why would we become enemies KNOWING what each has gone through?

Seeing the violence between black and latino gangs, and knowing most of the hate is solely based on being black and latino, it is totally mind-boggling to me. I don’t know if it is just me, as a black woman, who is so passionate with the Hispanic culture noticing or even caring about it. But, it is quite disheartening.

On immigration: BAJI (Black Alliance for Just Immigration) is an organization that I have recently fell in love with. They are for the equality of all, undocumented or documented.

Alabama HB 56, titled the Hammon-Beason Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act,is an anti-illegal immigration bill, signed into law in the U.S. state of Alabama in June 2011. I was absolutely blown away by the support of the blacks (as well as everyone else) who came together to go against the bill.

Saying all of that and really nothing at all, I guess I’m just saying that I wish everyone (specifically minorities) would realize and respect each other’s struggles (past and present) and get along.  I love diversity, and I wish we’d accept or reject people based on their character and not the color of their skin.. I think a wise man once said that 🙂 ..

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. –Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have friends from all walks of life, I’ve encountered people I wish I hadn’t, but I have never judged someone because of where they’re from or determined that will stop them from where they’re going..

I definitely notice our differences though, if not that would defeat the purpose of God’s beautiful pot of diversity! :o)

*Hispanic and Latino were both used throughout this blog. I haven’t quite figured out which is best to use.. maybe once I marry my Latino/Hispanic Spanish-speaking man of God.. I’ll get closer to understanding it! Who knows!

Adios xox

A Prayer for My (future) Husband

Dear Lord, I pray for my future husband, from head to toe, but today I specifically pray for

ð         His Heart – That he will love and trust You with his whole heart. (Deuteronomy 6:5, Proverbs 3:5)

ð         His Eyes –That You will keep his eyes from temptation and that he will turn his eyes from sin. (Matthew 6:13, Mark 9:47)

ð         His Mind – That he will have the mind of Christ and think as the Holy Spirit would lead him and not the flesh. (1 Corinthians 2:16)

Be with him today and help him to hunger and thirst for You and want to follow Your way in everything…  God mold him to be a Godly man in all he does.  Help him to have the courage to be a leader and a good example to all those around him.  Fill him with love, patience, joy and kindness…  help him to be gentle when he needs to be, and forceful as needed.. help him to always be in control of his self in everyway.  Help him to remain strong, resisting satan when he tempts him in whatever way.  Heal his heart of any brokenness and restore him fully.  Help him to be a man of his word and be trustworthy in all things. Keep his body healthy.   Help him to be successful in his work.  Remind him often of Your priorities in his life.

   Help me Father to prepare myself in whatever way I need to for this man you have chosen for me.  Help me now to be faithful to him in everyway.  Help me to give myself fully and completely to the work You want me to do. Help me not to be anxious for anything.  Fill me with the peace of knowing You have this and the rest of my life completely under control and it is not mine to worry over. Help me to be a good steward of all You have given me.  To be a good example to those around me and in my workplace. Fill me up fully and completely in You, lacking nothing and wanting for nothing.  Help me to resist satan in all he does to pull me away from my focus on You.  Help me to thirst and hunger for time spent with You and in Your word….  I pray all this in Your Son’s name.  Amen

This prayer was found at I thought it was quite beautiful.


I came across a blog one day and the chic was talking about writing letters to her future husband. She has been writing letters to him everyday, and on their wedding day she will present him with them! I love the idea, and so desperately wanted to copy.. I, however, am not someone who enjoys writing letters.. especially when there’s no response! I don’t like to journal, because it seems so top notch secret compared to an online blog for some odd reason. I think it is such an act of FAITH. Writing letters to someone you KNOW will eventually receive them! Love that preparation and positioning she’s on 🙂

Maybe, who knows, I will, maybe I won’t.. either way the thought of presenting my future husband with letters that I have written him for the time, however long I would be standing in Faith for my man of God, I’ve waited is pretty cool!

Something you’d consider?


I need a friend or my husband one..

Because this talking to myself thing isn’t going to work much longer. I’m starting to scare myself.

I’m guessing the bathroom has become the perfect place to clear my mind and my system. Hey, there are stranger things.

Our generation (80’s and above) are so fixated on liberty and immediate pleasure. If it doesn’t make me feel good, I’m not sticking around. If he doesn’t accept me for who I am, somebody else will. Flaws and all she said.

I am, without a doubt, in agreement with liberty, but it absolutely comes with responsibility. We’re having babies (who are having babies) and after being raised in a strict, loving and structured home, we’re creating inner vows not to raise our children the way our parents raised us leaving them neglected, entitled and irresponsible.

We have completely missed the lessons in discipline, respect and the value of tough love.

People fail to realize too much or not enough of anything can cause harm. Either refusing to feed a child or over-feeding a child is both considered neglect. Refusing to discipline a child, hold them accountable, or give them responsibility is not a unique style of parenting; it’s neglect.

Most things freely given hold less value than things fought for.

It’s not enough that a man works hard, treats you well and takes care of his children, but because, to you, he’s lacking in terms of male anatomy, he can’t possibly be the one because the man for you does nothing less than a proper back blowing.

Your children have heard nothing but negativity concerning the man YOU chose to lay with, but because he refuses to have a relationship with you, you have taken his right to have a relationship with his child(ren). It gives you immediate pleasure to feel like you’re better than him or inflicting the same pain, not realizing you’re hurting your child in the long run.

You’ve had it backwards: Immediate pleasure, future pain.

Instead of waiting on the promises of God, we’d rather act on the feelings of our flesh. Just because it feels right doesn’t make it so.

My way or the highway. Generational Curses. Control by-way of fear.

Marriage isn’t conditional it’s covenant.

Talk about diarrhea at the mouth finger tips. Here I am, almost 6 hours after I sat in the bathroom at work and heard a simple phrase from God. Just like me to keep talking beyond the meat and potatoes! It happens. I will say that I feel much more relaxed. I feel a lot more peace after getting everything out of my head making it easier to organize these (what seem to be) discombobulated blog of thoughts. Say that three times fast.

Well, I gave my sister her goodnight call, and waiting on my mama to return hers so I can go to sleep relaxed, and a feeling of peace and completion.

Buenas Noches Amores ❤

That Awkward Moment When the Holy Spirit Was (Always) Right!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I come in peace.. whatever that means. It’s been about 49 days since my last post (but who’s counting?) and I quote “come September 9th, I will be on the next thing smoking to Guatemala, City, Guatemala”. My my how things change. Well, let’s get the above out of the way. Precious, my cousin, was 100 percent correct! God got me! The truth is, if God told me to end my lease and move back in with my aunt and uncle, I would’ve sworn either He or I one was tripping! I wouldn’t have done it, because my flesh didn’t want to. So, God had to make some things happen. While I know I heard from God, timing was not on my side. It happens! I couldn’t have been adding all of these exclamation marks one month ago as I was JUST processing (what I assumed to be) the heartache of the situation. BUT GOD! (insert Pastor Kerney Thomas’ voice  HERE) I know, quite shocking. Anyways, once you realize God has something better for you, why would you be mad? Yeah it sucked, but let’s move forward to the good stuff, right? Right!

With that, I will continue updating this blog (and all things related) as I still currently (basically the same thing) have a Spanish Obsession 🙂

I’m outtie 5000.. Yes I know, nobody says that anymore.

Which Way Home?


Wow! I just finished watching this tear jerking documentary. To be honest, I was sitting here with my jaw on the floor more times than I could cry. Have you ever been so overtaken with emotion that you were just stuck? Like shocked? That’s where I was throughout this documentary.

Most who know me, know that I have a soft spot for those who come to America to make a better life for their families. It bothered me before and it most definitely bothers me now to hear someone say ‘illegal immigrants (most commonly known as ‘those damn Mexicans’) have it so easy! I’m thinking, IN WHAT WORLD?! It’s more to it than keeping those who were not born here out, because those who are citizens are being forced to leave as well as parents being deported WITHOUT their U.S born children. But, that’s another story!

I encourage EVERYONE (regardless of your stance on illegal immigration) to watch this documentary. One needs to see exactly what people are risking to live a life that we take for granted every day.

Yes laws are laws, but that doesn’t mean they are right.

So you, too, must show love to foreigners, for you yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt.

Deuteronomy 10:19

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