Black-Brown Unity?







I’ve never been one of those ‘black power, fist in the air, pic peeping from the fro’ type of black person. I am very interested learning about cultures, my roots and the difference now. Folks know that I am very interested in the Hispanic culture, more importantly how we (black and Hispanic) relate (preferably in unity). But lately it has become more of an interest as I see how blacks and Hispanics outside of my circle get along.

I ran across a blog today:, and besides some of his opinions that I do not agree with, it is very informative. He has been to multiple places in Central and South America for Spanish learning and of course pure interest. His blog is definitely one that I had a hard time x’ing out of his blog.. such great information.

Back to relations outside of my circle, which the Hispanic friends I have are all about unity between us lol.. I guess when I think about people who have struggled and fought to make their way, you would only assume they’d hold each other’s hand. If we are different, being abused, talked about and put on the outside, why would we become enemies KNOWING what each has gone through?

Seeing the violence between black and latino gangs, and knowing most of the hate is solely based on being black and latino, it is totally mind-boggling to me. I don’t know if it is just me, as a black woman, who is so passionate with the Hispanic culture noticing or even caring about it. But, it is quite disheartening.

On immigration: BAJI (Black Alliance for Just Immigration) is an organization that I have recently fell in love with. They are for the equality of all, undocumented or documented.

Alabama HB 56, titled the Hammon-Beason Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act,is an anti-illegal immigration bill, signed into law in the U.S. state of Alabama in June 2011. I was absolutely blown away by the support of the blacks (as well as everyone else) who came together to go against the bill.

Saying all of that and really nothing at all, I guess I’m just saying that I wish everyone (specifically minorities) would realize and respect each other’s struggles (past and present) and get along.  I love diversity, and I wish we’d accept or reject people based on their character and not the color of their skin.. I think a wise man once said that 🙂 ..

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. –Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have friends from all walks of life, I’ve encountered people I wish I hadn’t, but I have never judged someone because of where they’re from or determined that will stop them from where they’re going..

I definitely notice our differences though, if not that would defeat the purpose of God’s beautiful pot of diversity! :o)

*Hispanic and Latino were both used throughout this blog. I haven’t quite figured out which is best to use.. maybe once I marry my Latino/Hispanic Spanish-speaking man of God.. I’ll get closer to understanding it! Who knows!

Adios xox


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