I need a friend or my husband one..

Because this talking to myself thing isn’t going to work much longer. I’m starting to scare myself.

I’m guessing the bathroom has become the perfect place to clear my mind and my system. Hey, there are stranger things.

Our generation (80’s and above) are so fixated on liberty and immediate pleasure. If it doesn’t make me feel good, I’m not sticking around. If he doesn’t accept me for who I am, somebody else will. Flaws and all she said.

I am, without a doubt, in agreement with liberty, but it absolutely comes with responsibility. We’re having babies (who are having babies) and after being raised in a strict, loving and structured home, we’re creating inner vows not to raise our children the way our parents raised us leaving them neglected, entitled and irresponsible.

We have completely missed the lessons in discipline, respect and the value of tough love.

People fail to realize too much or not enough of anything can cause harm. Either refusing to feed a child or over-feeding a child is both considered neglect. Refusing to discipline a child, hold them accountable, or give them responsibility is not a unique style of parenting; it’s neglect.

Most things freely given hold less value than things fought for.

It’s not enough that a man works hard, treats you well and takes care of his children, but because, to you, he’s lacking in terms of male anatomy, he can’t possibly be the one because the man for you does nothing less than a proper back blowing.

Your children have heard nothing but negativity concerning the man YOU chose to lay with, but because he refuses to have a relationship with you, you have taken his right to have a relationship with his child(ren). It gives you immediate pleasure to feel like you’re better than him or inflicting the same pain, not realizing you’re hurting your child in the long run.

You’ve had it backwards: Immediate pleasure, future pain.

Instead of waiting on the promises of God, we’d rather act on the feelings of our flesh. Just because it feels right doesn’t make it so.

My way or the highway. Generational Curses. Control by-way of fear.

Marriage isn’t conditional it’s covenant.

Talk about diarrhea at the mouth finger tips. Here I am, almost 6 hours after I sat in the bathroom at work and heard a simple phrase from God. Just like me to keep talking beyond the meat and potatoes! It happens. I will say that I feel much more relaxed. I feel a lot more peace after getting everything out of my head making it easier to organize these (what seem to be) discombobulated blog of thoughts. Say that three times fast.

Well, I gave my sister her goodnight call, and waiting on my mama to return hers so I can go to sleep relaxed, and a feeling of peace and completion.

Buenas Noches Amores ❤


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