That Awkward Moment When the Holy Spirit Was (Always) Right!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I come in peace.. whatever that means. It’s been about 49 days since my last post (but who’s counting?) and I quote “come September 9th, I will be on the next thing smoking to Guatemala, City, Guatemala”. My my how things change. Well, let’s get the above out of the way. Precious, my cousin, was 100 percent correct! God got me! The truth is, if God told me to end my lease and move back in with my aunt and uncle, I would’ve sworn either He or I one was tripping! I wouldn’t have done it, because my flesh didn’t want to. So, God had to make some things happen. While I know I heard from God, timing was not on my side. It happens! I couldn’t have been adding all of these exclamation marks one month ago as I was JUST processing (what I assumed to be) the heartache of the situation. BUT GOD! (insert Pastor Kerney Thomas’ voice  HERE) I know, quite shocking. Anyways, once you realize God has something better for you, why would you be mad? Yeah it sucked, but let’s move forward to the good stuff, right? Right!

With that, I will continue updating this blog (and all things related) as I still currently (basically the same thing) have a Spanish Obsession 🙂

I’m outtie 5000.. Yes I know, nobody says that anymore.


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